Wanna Write for EdSurge?

We want to hear from you! And we want to share your unique insights, reports, lessons learned and commentaries with the growing community of educators, entrepreneurs and thought leaders who rely on EdSurge as the go-to resource for the latest news, trends and developments in education technology.

On behalf of our readers, though, we are a bit choosy! Below are our editorial guidelines:

In a nutshell, your piece should be a fresh, thoughtful commentary or narrative on issues relevant to education technology, written by someone who has unique expertise or experience. It should be a lot more like a high-quality “Quora” post, or a New York Times essay—rather than a marketing or product pitch. If something reads too much like marketing material or a press release, we are not likely to accept it.

Great examples of commentaries include:

We also accept how-to’s or guide articles:

We invite reports on local events as well. Exemplar pieces include:

We’d like to keep commentaries to 700 to 900 words or so–give or take. They should include relevant links to topics, research and other specific items that you’re discussing.

In addition, please include a brief bio, links to your work (Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, personal blog, etc.) along with a thumbnail picture of yourself.

When we receive your draft, we’ll get back to you within two weeks with a thumbs up or down. What could lead us to decline your piece:

  • Not enough of a new perspective or information
  • Lack of clarity or command of written English
  • Lack of substance or evidence for the points that you make
  • Marketing pitches for companies, products or services that you provide as a consultant
  • Excessive vitriol or pandering

Finally, let us know if you’re receiving any perks or compensation for organizations that you’re writing about or that are related to the subject that you’re describing. We try to steer clear of conflicts of interest or subtle bias. The name of the game is to be upfront with our readers about anything that might have a significant influence on your opinions.

Here’s the legal fine print:

You retain copyright of the piece and grant us a nonexclusive right to run the piece online or in any future collections of pieces. You grant us the right to run the piece exclusively for 15 days. We’ll cheer (okay, tweet!) like mad! If you repost it, please include a line that reads, “This piece originally appeared on EdSurge on [DATE],” and the link to the original article.

We’re really eager to build a quality community site and hope that you can be a part of it! Please let us know if you have questions!

Please send your piece to: feedback@edsurge.com.