Ethics Statement

EdSurge is an independent news and research company devoted to covering education technology and its role in schools. We began operations in 2011, with four cofounders: Elizabeth Corcoran, Nick Punt, Agustin Vilaseca and Matt Bowman. We provide regular newsletters, commentary, reports on products and trends, and analytical studies. Our coverage addresses the trends, companies, people and policies involved in education technology.

Our reputation for accurate, trustworthy coverage is our greatest asset. We believe our first and foremost responsibility is to our readers. All our business relationships are structured to avoid any conflicts with our readers’ interests. Specifically, we receive no income from linking to other sites or from sales of products online. We have no investments in other companies. We do not adjust editorial content according to the wishes – or the wallets – of sponsors, partners or investors. In fact, we hurl buckets of ice water at anyone foolish enough to propose such a misguided idea. We don’t shy from covering subjects that might be sensitive issues for these organizations.

All our investors support journalistic independence; they do not attempt to influence our coverage. We have received grants from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Joyce Foundation to support the development of our website. We have received funding from GSV Capital, NewSchools Venture Fund, Learn Capital, Catamount Ventures and the Women’s Venture Capital Fund. (See here for the full list.)

Our business model calls for us to earn revenue by publishing ads, sponsored content, organizing conferences and other events, and offering premium services such as subscriptions and reports. We clearly distinguish advertising from journalistic copy, in line with publishing’s best practices.

EdSurge’s journalists adhere to a strict conflict-of-interest policy on personal financial activity. Our journalists do not create advertising content or accept any gifts that might influence their coverage. Our journalists do not accept any expense reimbursement or junkets from vendor-sponsored groups. When we publish material written by outside contributors, we disclose relevant information about their backgrounds so that their point of view will be clearly explained.

Additional Information About Sponsored Content

The guidelines in the following section shall apply to all Sponsor Content served by or appearing in the digital publications of EdSurge, including ads purchased under AAAA/IAB Standard Terms and Conditions. (These are in addition to the general guidelines for advertising content that appear above, which apply to Sponsor Content as well.)

  • Sponsor Content is content created by or expressly on behalf of advertisers in conjunction with EdSurge’s marketing team (“EdSurge Marketing“). EdSurge allows Sponsor Content in two forms: (1) Content produced by EdSurge Marketing on behalf of its advertising partners and (2) Content produced by advertisers.

  • As with all advertising, Sponsor Content does not necessarily reflect the views and choices of EdSurge or its editors. Accordingly, EdSurge will prominently display the following disclaimer on all Sponsor Content: ‘SPONSOR CONTENT.’ EdSurge will additionally include the following disclaimer on all Sponsor Content: ‘This article is written by/on behalf of brand X and not by EdSurge editorial staff’ EdSurge may additionally include, in certain areas and platforms, further explanation defining Sponsor Content to EdSurge readers. In addition, EdSurge will ensure the treatment and design of Advertising and Sponsor Content is clearly differentiated from its editorial content.

  • EdSurge does not require that Sponsor Content steer clear of controversy. Indeed, we expect that Sponsor Content, like our own editorial content, will sometimes address contested issues and will be written with a distinct point of view. That said, even with the caveat that Sponsor Content does not necessarily reflect the views of EdSurge or its editors, EdSurge will refuse publication of such content that, in its own judgment, would undermine the intellectual integrity, authority, and character of our enterprise.

  • As with all advertising, EdSurge may reject or remove any Sponsor Content at any time that contains false, deceptive, potentially misleading, or illegal content; is inconsistent with or may tend to bring disparagement, harm to reputation, or other damage to EdSurge’s brand.

Our staffers attend neutral-sponsor conferences on the same terms that are usually offered to the media, which may include speaker fees, reimbursement of travel costs (when we’re participating as speakers) or a discounted/free press rate. (We define “neutral sponsors” as government agencies, universities, charitable groups or similar organizations that have no product to sell and no commercial agenda to push.) We disclose any such terms in our subsequent coverage of these events.

We recognize that no set of guidelines can address every issue that may arise in the course of doing business, especially given the pace of change within the media industry. That means these guidelines will be revisited and updated from time to time. We are all about learning and aim to be open to suggestions, criticism, and corrections from you, our community.

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