Scott Holcomb, Education Technologist, Shelby County Schools

“Just took a look at the EdSurge Edtech Index and I’ve got to say, it’s Awesome- it’s like one stop shopping for me! Like a Nerdy Educator’s Super Store! Thank you!!!”

Jeremy Smith, Executive Vice President, Investor Engagement; SecondMarket

“Honestly, [the EdSurge Edtech Index] is one of the best looking, most intuitively navigable, and most useful tools I have ever seen in any context. This makes the daunting world of edapps completely digestible. Phenomenal. Job.”

Miguel Davis, Middle School Teacher, MI

“Edsurge gave me the information I needed to sort through the noise enabling me to focus my energy on actually implementing technology and coaching other teachers at my school and in the region. I am now transitioning to a full-time technology consulting role.”

Karen Cator, CEO, Digital Promise, Former Director, Educational Technology, US Department of Education

“EdSurge is an incredibly important source for discovering information about Edtech.”

Adam Bellow, Keynote Speaker ISTE 2013, Founder and President of eduTecher and eduClipper

“EdSurge is a wonderful resource that has it’s finger on the pulse of educational technology. With a steady stream of articles and witty reporting that reaches thousands of inboxes each week, they dish the latest on trends, tools, the players, and other vital information that is essential for entrepreneurs and educators alike. I find EdSurge an invaluable go-to resource that is as fun to read as it is informational. If you’re involved in education and are interested in technology, I strongly recommend incorporating EdSurge into your digital diet.”

Tom Segal, Analyst, Rethink Education

“This is why I applaud groups like Education SuperHighway, which fights to bring high-speed internet access to every school across the country (don’t be afraid to make a donation!), and EdSurge, which is helping to smooth the adoption process through free trials of various technologies for the classroom. These groups are fighting the good fight, combating the biggest challenge to ed-tech procurement: infrastructure.”